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Emirates Airlines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Emirates Airlines - Essay Example The Airbus A310-304 was the principal airplane that Emirates got the conveyance according to its determinations during the year 1987. By 1990, Emirates had the few courses added to Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Manchester, Damascus. In 1992, Emirates bought $20 million Airbus furnished with full pilot test program. Also, another terminal was opened at Dubai International around the same time. By 1995, the Emirates had an armada that served to 34 areas including Europe, Middle East, and Far East. With fast extension occurring during the year 1997, Emirates requested 16 Airbus A330 worth $2 billion. Came the year 1998 and Airlines opened another terminal at Dubai International with the capital cost of $540 million. In 2003, the carriers extended quickly putting request for 71 airplane worth $19.1 billion. In the year 2004, the aircrafts initiated its first direct trip to New-York. By 2005, the Emirates Airlines had 25,000 individuals on its finance turning out to be Dubai’s greate st manager. In the year 2007, in an offer to extend further, Emirates requested for Airbus and Boeing airplanes worth $34.9 billion. By 2009, the organization was the biggest administrator of the Boeing 777 (Gulfnews 2010). Markets The strategic Emirates Airlines is to fabricate and keep up showcase initiative through development. Emirates' Sky Cargo business contributes 20 percent of the organization's absolute income. The Emirates Airlines is right now associated with all landmasses serving 103 goals covering 65 nations (The Emirates Group, 2011). All the more new goals are being added each year to extend further. It has now earned a worldwide notoriety in aeronautics. Since the time 2000, Emirates has been concentrating more on significant distance flights and the direct flight is a recognizing highlight of Emirates Airlines serving to goals to the extent US, Australia, Argentina (Wolfganghthome 2012). Methodology The consumer loyalty has been a significant adage of Emirates Airl ines. The carrier serves a wide range of voyagers by accommodating three unique classes to be specific economy, business and top notch clients. The costs are suitably charged to pull in all classes of clients. While charging the value, it considers even the timings of the flight. Visit explorers get heavy limits on their tickets for their unwaveringness towards the aircraft (Howard, 2009). In an overview did by for the nature of food served in 19 diverse global carriers, the Emirates Airlines bested among all (Skyscanner, 2011). In this manner, the carrier offers right item blend in with superb food at the most fitting cost. The airlines’ spending on advertising and limited time exercises has been to the tune of ?150m every year. As of now, the organization burns through 50 percent of its showcasing financial plan on sponsorship alone and that has made a tremendous ubiquity of the organization in the global field. Correspondence has been another fortification o f the Emirates aircraft as dispatch of another course is enormously publicized to draw in the forthcoming clients (Burrell, 2008) Competition The organization faces extreme rivalry from different carriers, for example, Qatar Airways and Ethiad Airways. Rising oil costs have put all the carriers on tenterhooks because of increasing expense and declining incomes because of recessionary financial conditions winning in Europe and US. The aircraft has been found to contend with in excess of 120 universal carriers at the headquarter city †in Dubai alone (The Emirates Gro

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Quality Management Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Quality Management - Term Paper Example This audit centers around Mike Bolton’s distributed issue-‘Get Staff Involved in Quality Initiatives.’ Mike Bolton, the Vice President of ATC, an open transportation organization, investigated an altogether new quality activity. He left the common Six Sigma to the danger of including workers whose unwaveringness was not ensured in quality activities. This was an overwhelming assignment that numerous pundits questioned its possibility. Bolton’s inspiration for another quality activity was the monetary downturn in 2000 when it converged with a worldwide transportation administration. He felt that receiving the Six Sigma would be exorbitant regarding time and funds thinking about their spending plan at that point. Along with ATC’s CEO, Jim Long, Bolton received the Action Workout activity. This joined pioneers and workers the same in quality improvement. Groups were sent to each of ATC’s branches; this comprised of pioneers and representatives. Each group had one pioneer and six workers, their center was improving one of the set down key gainfulness driver at its area. Every area was put on a 60-day clock on the beginning and finish and expected responsibility for results. The groups were urged to restrict best practices, this improved part energy and inventiveness. Among the thoughts put vigorously were prepared groups containing protectors of wellbeing whose primary concern was to diminish mishaps. They built up the underlying driver of mishaps to be inability to perform vehicle assessment. They built up the ‘red dot’ assessment activity to counter this. The other group was the ‘budgeteers’ group. Their center was additional time cost decrease. This was accomplished by routine vehicle energizing, upkeep timing and announcing precision among others. Each vehicle and each driver were followed each day. Groups that created the best outcomes were granted. The organization additionally took in various bits of knowledge: the need to contemplate group

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Business Strategy Case Study of Rocket Internet †Free Sample

Question: Talk about the Case Study for Business Strategy of Rocket Internet. Answer: Presentation The report portrays the significance of Rocket Internet in late business techniques of Rocket Internet Company (Rocket Internet 2016). The organization is headquartered in Berlin and it gives legitimate stages to manufactures online new companies. The organization is established in the time of 2007, and the authors of the organization are Marc, Oliver and Alexander Samwer. The quantity of representatives as of now working for the organization is around 30,000. It gives office space to new organizations. The assets utilized by the organization and different abilities laid out in the given contextual investigation will be talked about in this report furthermore, the edge of the organization and in an equal way the unmistakable and dynamic capacities of the organization are additionally going to be examined in this report brief. The report will likewise give a VRIO examination to Rocket web. The organization is keeping up their customary business vital model yet as of now the association is attempting to improve their business structure. Assets and skills of Rocket Internet laid out for the situation From the detail investigation of the contextual investigation it has been characterized that, however Rocket web has enough monetary abilities for their funding firm yet at the same time they are attempting to get promising specialized stage so as to pick up advancement. Assets of Rocket Internet: There are a few master groups that assume a steady job for the organization (Wilson and Boldeman 2012). The master group isn't just in the part of showcasing the executives yet in addition exists in client supervisory crew, business insight and activity group. Rocket web doesn't select just customary staffs yet in addition for worldwide endeavor advancement master group is additionally enlisted (Matthews and Brueggemann 2015). The representatives for the most part selected by the organization have scientific aptitudes alongside business the executives thoughts. In light of the structure of Silicon Valley innovative help and leader of the Human Resource office are chosen. The prime supporter and the overseeing chief of the organization are cooperatively working for the business improvement. Because of money related advancement they for the most part enlists unprecedented and MBA level learned individuals for their organization. This, yet in addition the orga nization utilizes best of the plans of action. The originators of the organization were motivated from the pioneering society and particularly from eBay (Wilson and Boldeman 2012). Anyway from the pundits perspective it has been characterized that the organization is a finished copycat that doesn't have any inventive thoughts rather it just takes thoughts from different business associations. Abilities of Rocket Internet: Though, Rocket web is alluded to as one of the fruitful organizations, however the idea of the business is only an upset of recently arranged plans of action utilized by different associations. The business procedure of the organization is confined at the administrative center of the organization (Mitchell 2013). Aside from this, they propelled an inside novel plan of action. Moreover, the distributive plan of action encircled by the organization support increasing plans of action and furthermore it has been represented quickly for online plans of action. It gives a mix of capable representative and elevated expectation approaches regarding systemized stage. Being universes biggest web stage outside United States and China it has the capacity to recognize the fundamental need o the purchasers. Then again, the organization likewise duplicates a demonstrated model of business for the monetary scale up (Schildhauer 2016). Four essential factors that go under thought for Rocket web are-rocket system of the organizations, innovation keeps up by the organization and the procedure with foundation of the organization. There are numerous associations that are resolved to be the intense contenders of Rocket Internet. As, the vision of Rocket web is to be the greatest manufacturer outside Chin and United States therefore, they ordinary they are sealing to be the market heads. In Berlin venture adventure and HUT gathering of UK are known to be the extreme contenders to Rocket web (Keeton et al. 2012). The worldwide reach of the organization covers the biggest web and versatile crowds. Limit, unmistakable and dynamic capacities of Rocket Internet Limit ability is alluded to as the asset capacity and endurance intensity of Rocket web. The edge competency is the condition of craftsmanship innovation and the abilities that has been created by the workers of Rocket Internet (Eckard et al. 2015). From the unmistakable asset point of view it has been characterized that, the qualities and standards of Rocket web is totally founded on its prevailing image notoriety. Edge capacities: Edge assets: The Company is headquartered in Berlin with in excess of 700 representatives and the system works by the organization for over 25 universal Rocket workplaces (Keeton et al. 2012). The quantity of representatives in the Rocket web portfolio organizations is over 15,000. Aside from this it likewise gives a solid money related reinforcement to the new businesses. For the working division of the organization in excess of 250 authorities are selected. Limit capacities: The aptitudes for site improvement received by Rocket Internet Company is high as the item serves by them depend on high caliber. Also, specialization in IT programming, programming and website architecture abilities causes the association to build up the nature of the items (Schildhauer 2016). Current developing advancements and IT demonstrative apparatuses usage bolster Rocket Internet to arrive at a definitive objective preset for the organization. Be that as it may, legitimate execution of different companys thoughts in suitable market with the rising specialized assistance is another ability of the organization. Particular abilities: The unmistakable asset skills expresses that the originator of the organization is Sarnwer siblings. The brand name and the notoriety of the organization are amazing. The methodologies and dynamic capacity based on the unified models created by Rocket web causes it to improve the innovative working society (Yoden 2014). The framework and system dispersion technique keeps up by the organization encourages them to make adventures on universal scale (Rocket Internet 2016). The asset of the organization is Global endeavor advancement group. The choices and by and large business systems are to a great extent formed and the speed of new key plan of action propelling is high. The innovative culture received by the organization drives the representatives to work for quite a while under tremendous tension. Moreover, enlistment benchmark has additionally arrangement for the organization because of the nearness of these unmistakable capabilities (Mitchell 2013). Dynamic capacities: Inspirational administration and assurance of the representatives encourages the association to arrive at the top (Schildhauer 2016). Rocket Internet is searching for solid authority alongside interior inspiration and impact, systematic and calculated aptitudes. VRIO examination for Rocket Internet VRIO examination is one of the best systematic apparatuses, used to decide the contenders of the organization considering different assessment measurements. VRIO examination considers the asset or capacities and center capabilities. A portion of the assets meet all the four essential necessities to pick up manageability in the serious business commercial center. Significant: The vital abilities received by the organization can create the requirements of the buyers as far as item quality and the administrations served by the association. Rocket web benefits uncommon and exceptional assets or abilities (Lee 2015). The uniqueness of the association encourages it act in a greatly improved manner to contend different competitions. For Rocket Internet all the assets, for example, capacity to raise capita sum, representative pay, human asset supervisory group and the center capabilities incorporate relationship with different organizations, nearness of development, encounters of the customers and the corporate initiative and vision (Mitchell 2013). Every one of these assets are significant for Rocket Internet. Uncommon: From asset examination it has been resolved that a portion of the assets, for example, master group and the money related hazard supervisory crew are uncommon assets. These assets give impermanent upper hands. Mirror: As the organization don't has it own plan of action for assessment along these lines, impersonation on the plans of action of different organizations charge cost to Rocket Internet. The abilities and seriousness of the organization are so much tremendous that impersonation or reproductions of the capacities are impractical (Matthews and Brueggemann 2015). However, Rocket Internet can't recognize the specific assets still, it can give tantamount items to the serious market. Organization support: The primary device utilized by Rocket web bunch is money that is ready to move monetary survey. Credit hazard is another hazard goes under thought while includes with the immediate dangers. Authoritative help as far as venture causes Rocket Internet to make increasingly upper hands all through the world. The hierarchical picked up help from Groupon, eBay, Linkedin, Zynga and Facebook. Figure 1: VRIO investigation of Rocket Internet (Source: Mitchell 2013, pp-340) End From the general conversation it very well may be inferred that, Rocket Internet is one of the biggest web based business speculator of Germen. It additionally shares 43 percent center around different associations. The organization is proceeding to its developments and assessments for private subsidizing and different other options. The report has talked about the particular assets and general abilities received by rocket web. Furthermore, it additionally showed the unmistakable, dynamic and limit capacities of the organization. At last, from the VRIO butt-centric

Bentham’s Act Utilitarianism can be used in making Free Essays

Clarify how Bentham’s Act Utilitarianism can be utilized in settling on moral choices BY AltceReid20 Jeremy Bentham was a thinker, financial expert, nonbeliever and social reformer. Being a social reformer implies that Bentham attempted to roll out a progressive improvement to society. Being a financial analyst implied that he had information in the sociology and order of financial matters. We will compose a custom paper test on Bentham’s Act Utilitarianism can be utilized in making or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now Bentham was a savant since he considered perspectives about the world. This all affected the manner in which his thoughts were impacted. He built up the hypothesis known as Act Utilitarianism. His adaptation of Utilitarianism is alluded to as Act’ Utilitarianism since it expresses that the rule of utility ought to be applied to each demonstration acted in every special circumstance. Any demonstration is Justifiable on the off chance that it produces ‘the most noteworthy measure of joy for the best number’. By the standard of utility Bentham implied the ‘usefulness’ of a circumstance. The guideline expresses that we should expect to accomplish ‘the most prominent bliss for the best number’. Act Utilitarianism relies upon each activity or every individual issue being determined. As indicated by Act Utilitarianism it is the estimation of the results of the specific demonstration that matters. In 1789 he composed the book ‘An Introduction to the rule of ethics and legislation’ He accepted our principle point in life was to accomplish ‘happiness’ and to maintain a strategic distance from ‘pain’, he needed to acquaint this with society to augment the measure of bliss delivered in specific circumstances. His hypothesis was made to drive a person; torment v delight. As individuals are inspired by delight and agony is viewed as insidious. As expressed in his book: ‘Nature has put humanity under the administration of to sovereign experts, torment and pleasure’. Jeremy Bentham’s hypothesis is considered as relativistic; this implies here are no all inclusive standards or decides and that every circumstance must be taken a gander at freely in light of the fact that every circumstance is unique. It is additionally thought of as a teleological hypothesis. This implies it is worried about the end reason or objective of an activity for this situation it ought to consistently be joy. Bentham’s hypothesis was additionally viewed as consequentialist; this implies moral choices ought to be founded on the result or outcomes of an activity. Bentham felt that society required a type of structure for settling on moral choices impacting him to present Act Utilitarianism to help treat every ethical choice as remarkable. He was exceptionally worried about the social states of his day, getting especially associated with the two clinics and penitentiaries. He additionally had faith in women’s vote and the decriminalization of homosexuality. He built up the rule of utility in his hypothesis which expresses that an activity is correct in the event that it delivers the ‘greatest joy for the best number’. He had solid convictions of expanding the amount of satisfaction; he was not worried about organizing which type of joy were better than others. Bentham wrote in the Method of reasoning of Reward: ‘Prejudice separated, the round of push-pin is equivalent of significant worth with human expressions of studies of music and poetry’. Bentham’s position was that all delights are of equivalent worth. From this he contrived the epicurean math as a methods for estimating joy. Hedone meaning delight. There are 7 pieces of the gluttonous analytics being power, length, conviction, remoteness, wealth and immaculateness which all connect to estimating the measure of bliss that a specific circumstance will deliver. A model be applied by utilizing the gluttonous math to help choose whether it is ethically right. A situation, of a multi year old young lady called Katy needs a premature birth since she doesn’t need to have a child. Be that as it may, her folks are Christians and don't concur with her having a fetus removal. Fetus removal is thought of as a moral issue since individuals contend whether it is correct or wrong. As Bentham’s hypothesis is concequentialist all Judgements made ought to be founded on the result. Utilizing the epicurean math can gauge/gauge the measure of bliss that will be created. To settle on the activity taken on premature birth the force of bliss will be delivered. In this situation, the quality of the bliss of the young lady, the guardians and society will be taken into to help give the best measure of joy for the best measure of individuals. The term of the joy will likewise be considered, to gauge to what extent the joy will keep going for. For this situation, to what extent will the bliss of the young lady last on the off chance that she has a fetus removal? The sureness of the circumstance will be estimated to decide if satisfaction is destined to be created. Will having a premature birth really produce bliss for Katy and her folks? The degree of the satisfaction will be assessed to choose what number of individuals it will impact. In this model, will it influence her folks and society more than it’ll impact her on the off chance that she has a premature birth? The remoteness of fetus removal will be checked to decide how soon the bliss will happen. It will be discussed in the case of having a premature birth will promptly fulfill the young lady straight away and additionally later on. This connects to the extravagance of a circumstance assessing how much satisfaction it might deliver later on. For this situation, will fetus removal despite everything give the young lady ith satisfaction later on? r will it influence her family and society all the more so? Once more, this connections with the virtue of the circumstance which is the choice of whether it will give misery later on. Will premature birth cause despondency for the young lady, her family and society. As should be obvious the decadent analytics m oves in the direction of carrying the best bliss to the best measure of individuals estimating the nature of satisfaction not the amount. In this model, the gluttonous math would assist with choosing whether fetus removal is ethically right assisting with settling on moral choices. The edonic analytics causes you to weigh out what is ethically directly in a circumstance offering a target see decreasing thoughts and one-sided alternatives. It considers various decisions barring religion. For this situation, the libertine math would conclude that is ethically directly for Katy to have a fetus removal. The libertine math would close this since society may feel that 16 is too youthful to even think about having a child which would give them progressively generally speaking joy of the young lady having a fetus removal. Nonetheless, having the premature birth may cause misery for her family yet pardoning is in the core of Christians, in the event that they comprehend that having a fetus removal will make an exceptionally high measure of bliss for Katy and numerous individuals of society may concur with her having a premature birth it exceeds the despondency of the guardians. If Katy somehow happened to finish her fetus removal it would give her more bliss in the then and future as having an infant may influence different parts of her life. As should be obvious the gluttonous math moves in the direction of carrying joy to the best measure of individuals hence supporting Bentham’s convictions and following Act Utilitarianism. Step by step instructions to refer to Bentham’s Act Utilitarianism can be utilized in making, Papers

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The benefits and necessity of bilingual education in schools and Essay

The advantages and need of bilingual training in schools and colleges - Essay Example The discussion on bilingual training has been something that has been progressing since the 1960s when the fairness of various Minority bunches in the United States was first asserted.This is on the grounds that there were numerous American residents who couldn't talk familiar English,but were very conversant in different dialects, for example, Spanish and FrenchToday there are numerous schools that champion the instance of bilingual instruction. In some of such schools, the understudies are in English just as their local dialects. Understanding the inconveniences just as focal points of bilingual training can help individuals to build up a fair-minded viewpoint on the need of giving the instructive framework a bilingual structure. While numerous individuals may think bilingual training is insufficient and superfluous, I have found it to be something else. Why Bilingual Education is Unnecessary. There are numerous individuals who feel that the bilingual arrangement of training won't be gainful for English speakers over the long haul. For instance, in English talking countries, there are individuals who feel that receiving a bilingual framework will bargain the students’ handle of the English language. To other people, apparently receiving a bilingual framework is giving an excessive amount of capacity to remote components inside their own country (Sizeron). To them, the push to turn into a piece of the general public lies with the outsiders who move to English talking countries. The residents of an English talking country ought not be troubled in various manners so as to cause outsiders to feel that they are acknowledged by society. Another motivation behind why a few people might be against bilingual instruction in their schools is on the grounds that they don't wish to be compelled to begin learning new dialects. Bilingual instruction frameworks unavoidably bring about a bigger part of residents who communicate in two dialects plainly. From that point, it is very simple for the prevailing government to settle on the choice that it will have an extra national language. This implies it isn't only the understudies who will be constrained to gain proficiency with the new dialect. The English talking residents of the country will likewise be constrained to become familiar with the new dialect so as to have the option to explore around open frameworks that may begin working in two unique dialects. Not all individuals are skilled and ready to learn different dialects without any problem. For some, individuals, learning another dialect is a serious troublesome endeavor. Another motivation behind why a few people contradict the organizing of a bilingual instructive framework is that it may cost more than can be committed to extending a nation’s instructive framework. Utilizing various dialects in various countries, states, or urban communities in a similar locale implies that there should be various offices to provide food for the speakers all things considered. This will likewise additionally strain the instructive frameworks of most nations which don't even completely cover the current projects (National Latino Children’s Institute). Adversaries of the bilingual instructive framework additionally frequently stress that kids might be confounded in the event that they are out of nowhere required to begin communicating in various dialects and ace every one of them. From their perspective, subjects, for example, English must be aced through the ‘immersion’ strategy. This implies the understudy must have the chance to communicate in this language in all settings so as to get acquainted with it. Presenting another dialect implies that understudies should learn two dialects simultaneously. This could imply that none of the dialects become all around aced. Why Bilingual Education is Necessary. As per the advocates of bilingual instruction, there are numerous reasons why bilingual instructive fra meworks are useful both for understudies just as the general society. Notwithstanding permitting youngsters to build up an inclination for social pluralism, there are scholarly just as social advantages related with communicating in two dialects directly from adolescence. As per an exploration reported by

How Being a Germaphobe Can Be a Symptom of OCD

How Being a Germaphobe Can Be a Symptom of OCD OCD Symptoms and Diagnosis Print How Being a Germaphobe Can Be a Symptom of OCD By Owen Kelly, PhD Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on June 13, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on January 19, 2020 heshphoto/Image Source/Getty Images More in OCD Symptoms and Diagnosis Causes Treatment Types Living With OCD Related Conditions Many people openly admit to being germaphobes. Although not an actual medical term, most people agree that a germaphobe is someone who is preoccupied or even obsessed with cleanliness, germs, and infectious diseases. While being a germaphobe does not necessarily mean that you have obsessive-compulsive disorder  (OCD), an obsession with sanitation, cleanliness, and germs along with compulsive behavior around washing or disinfection may signal a deeper problem. Worries About Germs Are Common Worries about contamination by germs and/or catching infectious diseases are common in our society. You need  to look no further than the presence of hand sanitizer dispensers in public spaces or the barrage of advertisements for antibacterial products to realize that our society is, to some extent, preoccupied with germs. That said, on a day-to-day basis, most people do not spend more than a few moments, if that, worrying about their hands being contaminated after touching the doorknob in an office building, pressing a button in an elevator or tying a loose shoelace after being in a public restroom. For most, if thoughts of contamination cross the mind, a common-sense approach of washing or sanitizing their hands for a few moments set the mind at ease and they get on with their day. However, if you are a germaphobe, you know that these kinds of situations can be anxiety-provoking and this may even make you want to avoid places where you are likely to encounter contamination or germs. Its important to note that an obsession with cleanliness, contamination, and/or germs is also a common OCD symptom.?? When does a preoccupation with germs cross the line into an obsession? When does a personal hygiene routine or cleaning regimen become a compulsion? Lets try to answer these questions using two examples. Tina and John: A Tale of Two Germaphobes Case 1: Tina is a 38-year-old financial analyst. Tina readily describes herself as a germaphobe, and people who know her well have noticed her preoccupation with germs. Tina will often cover her hand with a paper towel when opening the door of a public restroom and prefers not to touch the seats on the subway which she rides every day. She cringes when she has to take out the garbage each week but does so without fail. Tina almost always thinks about germs for a moment or two when shaking someones hand at a business meeting or in social settings, but this quickly leaves her mind after a few seconds. If she is really worried about her hands being dirty, a quick dab of hand sanitizer always does the trick. Tina is not distressed by her preoccupation with germs, in fact, she feels that her vigilance allows her to avoid a number of colds each year and stay productive. Moreover, while her loft is usually spotless, she spends no more than three hours a week cleaning and often puts this off to head out for dinner with friends or to spend time with her partner. Case 2: John is a 42-year-old part-time computer consultant. John also describes himself as a germaphobe, and his wife and children agree that this is the perfect label for him. John rarely allows eggs or chicken in the house as he is afraid that they will contaminate the house with salmonella bacteria. When his wife does cook with eggs, he makes her wash her hands in very hot water for well over two minutes. Moreover, John has to wear thick rubber gloves when disposing of egg cartons and must wash his hands afterward or else he feels extremely anxious. John refuses to go into public restrooms and has canceled numerous activities with friends over the years for fear of having to use the restroom in public. If John finds out that someone at the office has come down with the stomach flu, he will obsess for hours over whether he has come into contact with that person and will often take a shower because he feels dirty. He knows this makes no sense and often feels he is going crazy. John spends up to five hours a day bleaching all of the surfaces in his home. His constant cleaning and preoccupation with contamination have put a significant strain on his relationship with his wife and children. Moreover, although he was initially able to cope with his obsessions while at work, his preoccupation with germs has started to affect his ability to perform the duties associated with this job. The Analysis: Germaphobe, OCD or Both? Both Tina and John describe themselves as germaphobes; however, it is clear that Tinas preoccupation with germs has only a small impact on her day-to-day functioning, while Johns life is falling apart and dominated by obsessions with contamination like salmonella infection, catching the stomach flu, and contracting germs from a bathroom. His life is also ruled by compulsions that are designed to relieve his anxiety, such as hand washing and sanitizing. In addition, while Tina is not distressed by her preoccupation with germs, John often feels he is going crazy, cannot tolerate the possibility of contamination and goes to great excess to ensure that all germs have been removed. Most importantly, while Tina has healthy personal and professional relationships, Johns relationships at work and at home are being compromised by his obsession with contamination. Thus, although they are both self-confessed germaphobes, Johns symptoms are very much consistent with OCD, whereas Tina is likely someone who simply has above-average concerns about germs. John would be very likely to benefit from a consultation with his family doctor or a mental health professional to complete a clinical interview and medical history to make a definitive diagnosis of OCD and explore potential treatment options. When to Seek Help If you, a family member, or someone else you know has a preoccupation with germs that is distressing, unwanted, uncontrollable and having an impact on day-to-day functioning, it may be time to consider speaking with a mental health professional. The problem may run deeper than simply being a germaphobe. Effective psychological and medical treatment for OCD is available. Find Support From the Best Online Therapy Programs

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Policing Prostitution - Free Essay Example

Policing prostitution is a fairly difficult task. There have been many attempts to curtail the amount of prostitution in the United States, but most have taken away the civil liberties of many of those individuals. Furthermore, the tension that law enforcement, as well as pimps and traffickers, has made it that much more difficult for sex workers to come forward about crimes that may have been committed against them. This research paper focuses on some of the unfairness that individuals under the label of prostitution have been exhibited to, as well as the progress the nation has made in terms of making a fair playing field in terms of the law. Prostitution has consistently maintained a part of society throughout the existence of humanity. While the legality of prostitution is a highly subjective topic, the policing of the crime has come under scrutiny in recent years. The criminal justice system would do well to focus on legislation that helps protect the rights of prostitutes, hold law enforcement accountable for treatment of prostitutes, and continue its fight against human trafficking. Treatment of criminals has been on the forefront of American thought in recent years. Penelope Saunders and Jennifer Kirby, writers for Social Justice, detail their perceptions of Washington, D.C. law enforcements treatment of sex workers. Of the Acts that have been passed with D.C. involving sex workers, one of the provisions included a prostitution-free zone. This would keep men and women who are deemed by police as prostitutes from entering and traveling within these parts of the city. This would present obvious problems, and could give law enforcement too much power considering they would be limiting who would come in and out of certain areas. Furthermore it has been found that law enforcement does not always treat sex workers with the utmost fairness. In their treatment of people profiled as prostitutes, police far exceed their legal mandate, subjecting them to extortion, false arrest, illegal detention, and physical and sexual abuse (Saunders Kirby, 2010). The study conducted by Saunders and Kirby shows that there are two clear patterns when it comes to policing prostitution. First, police often stigmatize and dehumanize the prostitute as a kind of trash, social blight, and/or threat to public safety and order (Saunders Kirby, 2010). Second, the patterns of abuse displayed by law enforcement have not been random. A significant fear that the authors present is that if society begins to fear and restrain the civil liberties of prostitutes, how far would it go? This could lead down a slippery slope and curtail other criminals civil liberties. Secondly, they fear that their need for help from the police will be dismissed because of their status. If they are known as sex workers by law enforcement and they complain about a crime that has been committed against them, it is feared that they may not be treated seriously (Saunders Kirby, 2010). The fear itself is that the crimes, especially of the sexual nature, committed against them would b e in jeopardy of losing their importance because of their preoccupation with prostitution. It is accepted that crimes such as rape and sexual assault are very common across the United States. At the same time, they are some of the most under-reported crimes out there. Barbara Sullivan, writer for the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, details some interesting statistics involving sex workers. Sullivan notes that, for quite some time, if a sex worker were raped, it would not be considered as such. Instead, because they were a sex worker, they were automatically consenting to whomever it was that sexually assaulted them. The 1980s and 1990s saw a drift from this view, when men were finally beong tried for the rape of sex workers. However, there might be other reasons as to why a sex worker would not come forward about being sexually assaulted (Sullivan, 2007). Sex workers are less likely to come forward to law enforcement about being sexually assaulted than the average female. Among these reasons are the feelings of shame and powerlessness that present clear barriers to the reporting of these crimes (Sullivan, 2007). Furthermore, this decision can also be seen as a rational choice since perpetrators of sexual assault are very unlikely to be charged, let alone convicted, and that victims will often suffer significant negative consequences during and after a rape prosecution. Females, whether sex workers or just females in general, suffer from these societal entrapments. However, it has been shown that female sex workers are less likely than the average female to come forward about allegations. This is because of the fear that they will be arrested once they admit to police how the event transpired. Furthermore, they often feel as though, because of their line of work, that they will not be taken seriously (Sullivan, 2007). In recent years, the fight against prejudice involving sex workers has been fairly progressive. In the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada rape law reform has at least limited the admissibility of evidence relating to a complainants sexual reputation and past sexual history (Sullivan, 2007). Indications have been pointing to a new age where the sexual history of an individual is not admissible in court. There have been many examples of this, for example, a woman was picked-up, brought to an abandoned establishment, and raped several times. The defense brought up the fact that she was charged with prostitution 10 years prior, but it was not deemed admissible by the judge. So as it stands, it would seem as though things are trending upward for the civil liberties of those who work as prostitutes. But one of the darker sides of prostitution lies in with the fact that many who are participating in this crime are a part of human trafficking (Sullivan, 2007). The act of sexual trafficking is defined as a situation where women or girls cannot change the immediate conditions of their existence; where, regardless of how they got into those conditions, they cannot get out; and where they are subject to sexual violence and exploitation (Nelson, 2002). On average, 45,000-50,000 women and children are brought into the United States for the purpose of trafficking. Often times, these females are given passports by their captors, but have them taken away once they have reached the United States. Because these women are practically left stranded and without money of their own, they are forced to participate in sexual work. Refusal to do so could lead to punishment from their captors. Furthermore, these women are treated harshly, and are often told if they do not comply, that they will be brought to the police and arrested. Obviously this can contribute to the lack of willingness for prostitutes to report to law enforcement (Nelson, 2002). One of the greatest steps forward that the United States has made in terms of alleviating sex trafficking is the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. In essence, this Act was aimed at curtailing the amount of trafficking by establishing specific task forces, perfecting immigration services, and bringing in initiatives that may include programs for skills training and job counseling, programs to keep girls in elementary and secondary schools, and programs to educate victims of sex trafficking. The initiatives also include grants to nongovernmental organizations to advance womens political, economic, and educational roles in those countries (Nelson, 2002). While this is an excellent step, further progress legislatively is needed to help eradicate the problem of human trafficking. How law enforcement can approach the subject of prostitution is up for debate. Many people are divided on the morality of prostitution, while some believe it is more reprehensible, another side believes that it is not harmful to the people/government. This makes it especially difficult for some law enforcement who are tasked with upending the act itself. One of the proposed, but unlikely, solutions is to legalize the act all together. As of 2003, prostitution has been legal in New Zealand. The Prostitution Reform Act subjected the newly legalized industry to health and safety requirements and brothel certification processes; further, the Act authorized territorial authorities to regulate the location of brothels and oversee other related zoning requirements [] formed the Prostitution Law Review Committee, a committee of eleven members appointed by the Minister of Justice and charged with reviewing the effectiveness of the decriminalization scheme vis-a-vis its purpose: improving the working conditions of sex workers (Vanderbilt Law Review, 2018). This Act outlines some of the measures that the New Zealand government goes to in order to regulate the sex-work industry. But the question is, how effective was this decision? According to the Vanderbilt Law Review, the sex-workers who were locate inside of brothels (regulated by the government) were far less likely to experience crimes such as rape, abuse, or other illegal acts. Furthermore, the workers were now given sanitary conditions to work in, making it safer for the workers themselves. Because this act is fairly new, some of the data involving the negative or positive effects has not been fully fleshed out (Vanderbilt Law Review, 2018). But one of the largest concerns involving prostitution within the United States is the worry that legalized prostitution would be monopolized by pimps and the like. Bjam Hofmann and Morten Magelssen, writers for BMC Medical Ethics, detail a study taken on sex workers from Los Angeles, which found that only 6% of the workers had a pimp. While these numbers may have fluctuated since the time of this study, it is more than likely that most sex-workers in that area are not under a pimp (Hofmann Magelssen, 2018). However, any implementation of government regulated sex-work within the United States would take a number of years to perfect. The process would appear to be logistically more simple for New Zealand considering the size of the country itself. The criminal justice system would do well to focus on legislation that helps protect the rights of prostitutes, hold law enforcement accountable for treatment of prostitutes, and continue its fight against human trafficking. While prostitution remains a criminal activity, those that participate in it should be treated with the same rights as any other individual. While legislation and progress have been very positive in recent years, further changes seem to be on cusp of arriving. Bibliography Hofmann, B., Magelssen, M. (2018). In pursuit of goodness in bioethics: analysis of an exemplary article. BMC Medical Ethics. Nelson, K. E. (2002, Spring). Sex trafficking and forced prostitution: comprehensive new legal approaches. Houston Journal of International Law, 24(3), 551+ Saunders, P., Kirby, J. (2010). 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